A Proven Lawyer With A History Of Excellent Service

A Proven Lawyer With A History Of Excellent Service

Facing A DUI In New York Or Connecticut?

If you are facing a DWI/OUI charge, you need capable legal help from the start of your case. A DUI conviction in New York or Connecticut has serious consequences, including jail time and heavy fines. A knowledgeable attorney can defend your rights and allow you to regain the use of your license.

At Jeffrey L. Hersh, Attorney at Law, we give people in Connecticut and New York tested legal counsel backed by nearly a decade of experience. Our Westchester law firm will aggressively represent your best interests in negotiations and in the courtroom.

The Consequences Of A DUI / DWI

Even a first-time DWI conviction in the state of New York can result in steep fines, an expensive interlock device, license revocation and jail time. Minors convicted of a DUI face license suspension for a first offense and license revocation for subsequent offenses until the age of 21. If a driver blows .18 blood alcohol content (BAC) or higher or if they are driving with a child under the age of 15 while intoxicated, they may face an aggravated DUI charge. An aggravated DUI charge carries heavier penalties and, in some instances, may be considered a felony.

In Connecticut, a first OUI conviction can result in probation, prison time, a revoked license and expensive fines. Connecticut also has zero tolerance laws for minors which can lead to an immediate license suspension for up to a year and a half and heavy fines if convicted of an OUI. If a driver blows higher than a .16 BAC in Connecticut, they may face longer license suspensions and higher fines.

Prevent A Mistake Affecting Your Future

Mr. Hersh is an aggressive criminal defense attorney who will review your case and create a legal strategy that gets you the best possible outcome. Both New York and Connecticut offer counseling programs that give people charged with a DWI/OUI an alternative to jail time. We will work with you to create a defense that minimizes the consequences and allows you to move forward with your life.

Legal Guidance For License Suspension And Restoration

If you are charged with a DUI, call our law firm as soon as possible to prevent or shorten a license suspension. We will quickly file the proper paperwork which may allow you to restore your license and prevent more interruptions in your life. There are strict deadlines for filing this paperwork and waiting can prevent you from driving.

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